Who Will Be The TI8 Short Film Contest Winner?


It’s TI short film contest again and from TI5 to TI7 it’s dominated by one person only—Maxime Lebled. And thus, editor is curious how he will perform in TI8 this time, let’s check it out!

 Valve will award $25,000 to 1st place; $10,000 to 2nd place; $5,000 to 3rd place; and $500 to each of the other seven finalists.


Here’ s the video submitted by Maxime Lebled

Not forget the other’s video, it’s GREAT too!

Ursa Minor, this is one of editor top picked! It’s sentimental and touching, like it!

On The Cliff, funny video!

GL HF, Editor like their smooth film arrangement!

The Final 88 Seconds Of An 8-Hour Game, they use different viewpoint to present the shirt film.

Greed is Good? It show the common problem in Dota2 scene, are you the one?

 Well, good affort.


Which is your favorite Video? Comment.
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