Kid gamer suffer from seizure

Watch How 9 Hours of Gaming Make this Filipino Boy Suffer


A 6-year-old Filipino boy has suffered from persistent facial seizures due to non-stop gaming for 9 hours.


John Nathan Lising, who plays video games for 9-hours a day (skipping school?), out of sudden suffered from uncontrollable facial seizures which caused his eyes to blink non-stop and lips to shake continuously. Oh no….>_<


Seizures disorder

This facial seizures was due to uncontrolled electrical disturbance in the brain. It can cause changes in your behavior, movements or feelings. Doctors said that the symptoms seems to be similar with “Focal Seizure,” which means only one half of the brain gets impacted.



The kid’s parent claimed that John was a healthy and happy boy and rarely falls asick.  (Anyone can help to translate below?)

Pinoy Kid suffer seizures due to gaming

Well, too much of anything can be harmful, same goes with gaming and its’ particularly risk in this regard.


Anyone can help to update the condition of this pity kid? Comment.



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