Unfair Treatment to Female Dota 2 Gamer?


The International 8 tournament,  with the largest prize pool tournament in esports history, up to 20 millions.

But among the 90 competing players, we have not seen any female gamers among them.

The gender inequality in Dota 2 and especially in the gaming industry has become more and more critical.

The reason behind this is:

Dota 2 is one of the most heavily male-dominated games in the world. As per STEAM record for the total active players in 2017, out of the total Dota 2 players  1,291,328, female players only consist of 4% or 51653 in total.


Dota 2 Gender statistic

Dota 2 community is toxic and masculine

Female Dota 2 player in esports said they routinely have to deal with online harassment. One of the famous Dota 2 girl gamers, she learnt several valuable lessons after playing for years. She said, you’ll get three main types of guys that react to female Dota players and the most common ones are The Jerks, who like making sexist comments, such as the famous “Go back to the kitchen or Make my sandwich” and all types of offensive jokes about women.

An example of the harassment as captured in “GTFO.”

Discrimination – Generally, male find it hard to accept female who can play better than them

Female players easily get denied from male teammates. They have to put much more effort in Dota 2 in order to get acceptance from the male teammates. The acceptance to female players are extremely low.


Real-life example of sexist abuse towards Female

“Then came the questions such as: What are you wearing? Have you got any pics? Have you got any NUDE pics? Do you [email protected] guys who like games?” -Leena van Devanter


Why there’s no women in any Dota 2 tournament? Actually female players choose to play incognito, pretend to be male or say nothing to avoid harassment due to her gender. They love Dota 2 but say no to the community which is dominated by male.

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