Unboxing: ADATA XPG INFAREX K20 – The Budget Peripherals

Editor choice of  premium mechanical keyboard with a budget.

ADATA have launched a brand new mechanical keyboard INFAREX K20 with it main features durable,intelligent and stylish!

Let pictures tell the story.

Infarex K20 created premium design with dark black look. Unboxing, the keyboard protected by a plastic cover and the pretty K20 lay inside.

Here is the keyboard before the LED effect. Nest photo we are going to start the show!

The stunning LED backlighting make the keyboard alive! Remember this keyboard features with 11 lighting effects for your gaming battlefield!

The cables on the INFAREX K20 use a reinforced braided design, which is extremely durable and knot-resistant. One of the feature which editor like the most is the KAILH BLUE SWITCH!

Khail Blue switches are designed for high durability, with a lifetime of 50 million keystrokes per key, and also have anti-ghosting technology to ensure that there is never overlapping commands and that each key press count.

According to ADATA, the user will feel each press of the keys at a surprising level of response. The keys are ergonomic and are designed to offer the user just resistance, so that he always knows where and when he presses, in addition to transmitting a pleasant sensation. INFRAREX K20 users should never worry about overlapping

Behind the keyboard, a runway was well designed to fit in the cable (left & right) which enable gamer to focus on their game without disturbing by the messy cable. Look carefully, the keyboard was build with durable metal-like material.

You might control the LED lighting with just one click—the MODE key.





As editor is a budget conscious gamer, the price for this ADATA XPG keyboard is totally my kind of tea! With so many fantastic features, this mechanical gaming keyboard is a worthy peripheral which you cant’s miss!

Further information regarding the price for ADATA XPG INFAREX K20, please visit —>ADATA Official website