Top Weirdo Technology Ideas-the 5th blew my mind!


Here are some top weirdo inventions picked by writer.If you love collect weirdo items,this article just right for you, let’s pick one!

1. The Sexy Bathroom (Good news, you may now talk to toilet bowl!)


As according the marketing video it top features in loo warms your bottom, sets mood lighting and closes its lid with voice commands(it allows you to talk to your mirror or shower or sink,hahahahahahaha).

Weirdo rating: 3 stars (max 5)

2. Tomato Robot (feed you endless tomatoes!)


A wearable robot that feeds you tomatoes. Invented by the Japanese juice vendor, the robot that sits in a harness behind your head pulls out tomatoes and puts them directly in your mouth as you run. It even has a timer (big WOW to me as I like tomato so much! Imagine you may now having tomatoes every 5 minutes!)

Weirdo rating: 4 stars

3. Footcycle (No paddle Bicycle)

Run the bicycle, yes, I mean run.

Weirdo rating: 3 stars

4. Self-Driving Luggage (maybe can combine idea with no-paddle cycle?)

Completed with features a combination of facial recognition, auto-follow capabilities and object avoidance to keep your hands free while you’re walking through the terminal. It’s a great idea for traveler with bunch of hand-carry, however, it camera is limited to 170 degrees.

Weirdo rating: 3 stars

5. Headless Robot Cat (erm…)


Good News! You may purchase the adorable headless cat from !!

Weirdo rating: 5 stars



Xavier Low
Gaming peripheral review, love outdoor, cat lover.