Top 5 Richest DOTA2 Players In The World

With eSports industry is now one of the most successful entertainment business in the world.
It has now created a lot professional Video gamer players across the globe especially in DOTA2.
With various tournaments worldwide, these players not even prove that playing video games can be a career but also a channel to earn money. Here are the top 5 richest gamer in the world in 2018. Richest Malaysia Dota2 Players

No 1: Kuro Takhasomi (KuroKy)

Country – Germany

DOB – 28 October 1992 (25)

Total Earnings – $3,480,788.35

Kuro Takhasomi with his nickname “KuroKy” is the richest in the eSports arena, with a total earnings of over $3,480,788.35.


No 2: Amer Barqawi (Miracle)

Country – Jordan

DOB – 20 June 1997 (20)

Total Earnings – $3,061,076.48

One of the youngest gamers in eSports and holds a dual citizenship with Poland and Jordan. Miracle has won several huge gaming tournaments and earned approximate income of over $3,061,076.48. Dota 2 Pro Player May Have Higher Earning Than United State Olympics Gold Medal Athletes

No 3: Saahil Arora (UNiVeRsE)

Country – United States

DOB -11 October 1989 (28)

Total Earnings – $2,937,660.27

An American gamer who professionally plays Dota 2 with team Evil Genius.Why Dota2 has eSports Biggest Prize Pool? Find out!


No 4: Ivan Ivanov (MinD_ContRoL)

Country – Bulgaria

DOB – 20 January 1995 (22)

Total Earnings – $2,821,271.96

He joined various teams previously and making a name for himself across various competitions before joining Team Liquid in 2015.

No 5: Lasse Urpalainen (Matumbaman)

Country – Finland

DOB –  3 March 1995 (22)

Total Earnings – $2,820,976.24

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