Top 5 Funniest DOTA 2 Cosplay, Can You Guess The Last One?

Cosplay can be a pricey hobby especially when we need to spend extra for costume and cosmetic.

Let’s see the example below:

This Hawkgirl costume total cost spendon costume USD 600, plus 3 or 4 months of labor Source: Forbes

Anyway, we have a lot creative dude who able to make cosplay with simple idea and yet low cost material such as art card, toilet roll, ping pong…Let’s take a look!

  1. Oh look at the black tapes around his face! It’s the “Shadow Shaman” 

2. Is he riding on a plastic basin? Lol “Gyrocopter”

3. Look at those belly, definitely looks like “Pudge”

4. Jeez this is the funniest. Coconut for the chest? Haha “Naga Siren”

5. What about this? Which Dota hero is this?

Comment below and tell us! If you can answer correctly, you get a FREE candy from us 🙂

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