TI8 prize pool hits $24 million with 1 day remaining


Last years Ti7, we have seen players from Team Liquid turning millionaires overnight. They were bringing home $10million USD or 44% of the prize money home.

This year, we are looking at roughly the prize money.

Has The International prize money reached its peak?

The International 8’s prize pool is now at $24 million mark, which mainly comes from the crowdfunding campaign which is the 2018 International Battle Pass.

Since the base prize pool was set by Dota 2 developer and publisher Valve at $1.6 million, this means that almost $22.5 has been raised through the crowdfunding campaign so far.

Also, the champion of the tournament will be going home with at least $10million USD (that’s $2million USD per player).

This is probably the largest eSports tournament in 2018.