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This Malaysian You May Not Know in TI8 Is Now A Millionaire


Ti8 have finally end and new hero was born, congratulation to OG Team (Europe) as the champion and Team PSG.LGD (China) on the second place.

Anyway, while audience keep their focus merely on  team itself, it’s necessary to mention a player from PSG.LGD–“xNova“, who is actually a professional Dota 2 player from Malaysian.

xNova Ti8 LGP team

“xNova”(Yap Jian Wei) is a Dota 2 player from Malaysia, 20 years-old. PSG.LGD, placed second at the event, earning themselves more than US$4.1 million (RM16.8 million). While “xNova” himself have earned a total US$1.1 million (RM4.5 million)

xNova Ti8 Dota2

Yap, a professional gamer since 2013, is the only Malaysian in the China-based team. And now he is a millionaire with his 5 years of hard work to train himself be a professional Dota 2 player.

Where does the name ‘xNova’ come from?

xNova, Ti8, LGP

Nova’ is a science term related to stars. I believe it means explosion of a star. The ‘x’ was added before it because it sounds kind of cool!—-An interview with xNova

“xNova” super in support role and main focus in safe lane defense. His favorite heroes of all time are Silencer, Enchantress and Vengeful Spirit.


“xNova” first entered the local DotA 2 scene by joining Lowyat E-Sport. Later in 2013, he joined “Nara Stacks” as a mid player and  he made transition from mid to a support role in Who2Bet Team in 2015.

In 2016, xNova joined Mineski-X and set aim to qualify to the The Manila Major 2016 and The International 2016. He joined WarriorsGaming.Unity after eliminated in the Main Qualifiers.

In 2017, xNova left WarriorsGaming.Unity after the team failed to qualify for The International 2017. He rejoined the team with the new multinational lineup, featuring Feero and Velo.

In early 2018, xNova joins LGD Gaming at the beginning of the year. The team found immediate success with the new line up by qualifying to two DPC events consecutively.

Overall Ranking

At present, xNova is ranked #56 in highest overall earnings, and #1 in highest earnings for players from Malaysia.

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