The Funeral Of A Gamer


One image showed a man lounging in chair in the middle of the funeral parlor and playing game. Looks closer, it’s a dead man!


The man,Renard Matthews died after being shot to dead in the head. By then, his family choose a different way to say goodbye to Matthews by staged their love one in a playing video game position and wearing his favorite sports attire and surrounded by some of his favorite snacks.


Relatives sent a photo of Matthews’ body at the wake at the Charbonnet Labat Glapion Funeral Home in Treme.


His mother, Temeka Matthews, told WGNO that Matthews was a bit of a “homebody,” and that he only recently started venturing out for walks after she got him a dog.

The 18-year-old was a gamer, so his family decided to memorialize him in an special way instead of placing his body in a traditional casket surrounded by flowers, his family chose to reflect Matthews’ favorite hobbies.


Xavier Low
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