xNova Ti8 Dota2

This Malaysian You May Not Know in TI8 Is Now A Millionaire

Ti8 have finally end and new hero was born, congratulation to OG Team (Europe) as the champion and Team PSG.LGD (China) on the second place. Anyway, while audience keep their focus merely on  team itself, it's necessary to mention a player from PSG.LGD--"xNova", who is actually a professional Dota 2 player...

OpenAI(BOT) vs Human 5v5 game

We have seen how Ai was able to beat Dendi in a 1v1 match. Now, OpenAI is finally ready to compete against real humans in a 5v5 game. In a showmatch last week, OpenAI totally destroyed 5 of the best professional Dota2 players in the scene. They were able to...
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