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SteelSeries SENSEI 310: Left handedness? Hassle Free Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Great Ambidextrous Gaming Mice with decent price!

Recently editor have received several recommendations for SteelSeries gaming mouse. With help of my friend, I got the chance to unboxing and review this product.

This, SENSEI 310 will be today’s main character.

The appearance from the packaging looks simple with SteelSeries logo on top of box. Looks inside, the mouse is design with simple shape with RGB light on SteelSeries logo.

SteelSeries product is popular with it durability and well-designed features for the comfort use by user.
Behind the mouse, 3 anti-slip padding lay on it.

The DPI setting on center of the mouse (with 2 setting, 3500 to 12000 DPI). On both side, Silicon padding was designed for better grip especially during hardcore game played. Oh forgot to mention, SENSEI 310 is a finger print resistant mouse thanks to the special material of the mouse.

The size of the mouse suitable for small to middle hand. As you can see through the picture below, my hand is actually middle, it’s just fit perfectly!

The mouse support by SteelSeries Engine 3, fully programmable! SteelSeries Engine 3 software enable you customize mouse buttons, create individual game profiles, adjust the DPI, control the RGB lighting and more.

Editor have make a review video for SENSEI 310, check it out!

Steelseries SENSEI 310

One of the top gaming mouse! Steelseries SENSEI 310Video review by: Moon Low

Posted by DOTA TALK on Sunday, 1 July 2018




Review overview

Appearance (simple design, with silicon padding on both side)6.5
Price (Reasonable price with SteelSeries brand)7.1
Features (only 2 DPI setting)6.2
Build Quality (feel solid when hold)8.2
Extra Value Added (Ambidextrous)8.8


Able to maintain the steady and durable in quality. Anyway, as a gaming mouse, SENSEI 310 can do better with more modern design and more DPI setting enabled.

Xavier Low
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