Shady eSports Gambling website threatens to sue a user after being called a ‘scam’


There are plenty of websites promoting item bettings and gamblings.

We have seen many dota2 item trading websites springing up in recent years. However, do we really know who’s behind the websites and the legitimacy of the sites?

A Reddit user, Nors3, made a thread on r/DotA2 reddit to complain about GG.Bet’s refusal for him to withdraw his winnings.

To his surprise, the company threatened a lawsuit against him.


The screenshot conversation between the user and the customer support of can be read in full on reddit here. It’s a pretty long and funny conversation but let’s just say the guys from seems to be very arrogant and ignoring the user until the whole issue appears at the top of reddit.

Next, Nors3 the user decides to create another thread on reddit recounting and tracking the whole issue. He claimed that GG.Bet locked user’s account after they won some money and they were unable to withdraw it.

GG.Bet responded to the drama on reddit:

After awhile, the guys from GG.Bet responded. However, they gave out too much information including the personal information (credit cards, full name, e-mail address and ip address) of the users (Nors3 and his friends) to the public.

Update: Later on, they were being flamed heavily and decided to delete the response after realizing the shitstorm they are in for posting other users’ private data online. (EU has a data protection privacy law which protects internet users from being able to be identified online)  The fine is like maximum 20million USD or 4% of worldwide annual revenue.

GG.Bet getting banned on reddit

Later on, there’s another thread appearing and the reddit users seem to be very vocal on trying to get banned from Reddit Dota2 forever.

The eSports gaming communities seem to publicly condemn what GG.Bet has done to their own users or customers online. This is not how it is supposed to be handled.

Anyway, regardless of the outcome of this individual’s claims and what actually happened between them, it’s still a good idea for everyone to avoid dealing with as they already have a bad history and how things haven’t changed at all.

Around a year ago, the user /u/noodlesfordaddy from reddit had issues withdrawing money from The post can be easily found on reddit by a simple google search on the words ‘ scam‘.

Another thread on reddit which never blew up here. It is about their terms and conditions which basically makes it almost impossible for you to withdraw your winnings.

So yes, we would recommend our readers to stay away from this website. There are plenty of alternatives out there.


Review overview

Company (Registered in Cyprus but license belongs to somewhere else)2
Customer Support (Broken English and unable to solve issues)2.5
Payment Method (Accept almost all payment methods)8
Payouts (Many bad reviews from users)1


I have seen many esports Sportsbooks better than this. Would recommend checking out other sites and this should be your last option.