PUBG Mobile Lite (for lower spec smartphones) released only in the Philippines


Player Unknown Battle Ground continues to be the number 1 most played game on steam.

It has been turning head since its release back in 2016 for PC.

PUBG released their mobile version earlier this year. The game became an instant hit and gained a mass player base.

One reason for its popularity rise is due to the game being free(Microtransactions available) while its PC version needs an initial purchase.

Back in May, it was revealed that 10 million people play PUBG mobile on a daily basis which is a huge number for Mobile Gaming and it seems like it will only go upwards from here.


The basic PUBG mobile requirements:

  • Android 5.11
  • IOS 9.0
  • 2 GB of ram. (minimum)

This is quite a minimum requirement as smartphones these days are easily capable of running the game. However, Tencent the owner of PUBG has decided to release a new version of PUBG Mobile. The version will be called PUBG Lite which is for those player who are using low budget mobile phones.

The game size is 30MB compared to its original version which is 1.6GB. Wow, that’s a pretty stark difference! The game is running on unreal engine 4 and requires much lower RAM. This version will run on any android version 4.0.3 and above. The game will only have 40 members fighting to get chicken dinner instead of the original 100 members.

At the moment, it has been released for players in the Philippines only. It is available for download in Playstore. The official website of Tencent Gaming will also have all the download instructions. India could be the next destination for PUBG Mobile Lite.