Mysterious”Zombie Alert” Received by Florida Residents

“7880 customer received extreme zombie alert”

LAKE WORTH, Fla.-A bulletin sent to city residents at 1.41am on Sunday warned of “power outage and zombie alert” and “extreme zombie activity”.

The incident happened while the city Lake Worth (nearby location of “The Walking Dead”) under 27-minutes of power outages. Mysterious was the alert is automatically sent during power outages.

Officials in Lake Worth, Fla., a city next to Palm Beach, are trying to find out who sent out a cellphone alert warning of a zombie attack.An independent investigation is underway to determine who was behind the message sent to some 7,880 customers during a 27-minute power outage early Sunday.

Officials of Lake Worth still unable to identify where the message was sent from.

The zombies, however, remain a mystery.