Mouse Cheat? Dota2 Player Dumped From Competition Due To Illegal Mouse


An American Dota2 team has been dumped from The International 2018 after one of its players was found to be using a ‘ cheating mouse’.

Peruvian Thunder Predator team was disqualified from competing in The International– AtuuN, one of the team member – was using Razer Synapse 3 gaming mouse, which allows pre-program macros. This pre-program mouse enable player perform the actions much more faster than actually possible, as spotted by Reddit users.

During the best of three games against Brazillian side ‘SG e-sports’, many fans noticed something a little dodgy going on with AtuuN’s Meepo.


They claimed that Meepo’s teleport ability was being too fast and it’s beyond human possibility.

Here the video which showed Meepo could do the ‘poof’ with other clones Meepos at the same time.

Xavier Low
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