Is Betrayal Among Dota 2 Pro Gamers a Normal Thing?


On the second day of The International 8, the audience were so excited to watch the battle between EG vs OG. It was not only about the battle of teams but the battle of brotherhood—-between Fly and N0tail, the story of betrayal between brotherhoods.

The Story

N0tail and Fly met each other through playing Dota when they were 14 yrs old and they joined a European gaming organization Fnatic. Since then, their professional Dota 2 journeys begins and this happened in year 2012.


Their friendship was so sweet when they first joined Fnatic:

Watch how their brotherhood built:

With hardwork and tenacity between these brothers, they were able to form the famous team OG Team in 2015.

BREAKING: Eternal-Envy, Universe and PieLieDie Left Fnatic

Before the International 2018, a shocking shuffle happened between OG and Evil Geniuses, Fly decided to abandon OG. Fly left OG to join EG with ZERO notice just right before OG was having a flight to the Super Major. And they had no choice, eventually OG had to drop out from the event.

Source: Twitter

During the post-game ceremony in TI8, emotional moment was seen between the ex-brothers N0tail and Fly. N0tail gave Fly a firm handshake and staring him like telling Fly that he did the wrong decision to abandon OG and gave up their brotherhood. It was an emotional moment and  seems like a revenge!Mouse Cheat? Dota2 Player Dumped From Competition Due To Illegal Mouse

The brotherhood of Fly and N0tail’s path ends here.



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