Girl Gamer Forgets To Turn Off Live Stream and Start Enjoy Something Different


Gaming can be cool and sexy. Streaming services is now super popular especially in gaming and it’s actually attract more than 45 million gamers every month on broadcast. Wow, I haven’t start stream yet!


A girl gamer, who known as Nova who uses to Twitch on stream on games like Hearthstone. And this day she was so bored in game and starting to put down her joystick and started playing with something probably more fun.

After she had turned off the webcam (she thought), she start typing on keyboard and searching for website (what website?), and proceeds to start her ‘new game’.


Watch how she enjoy her little moment:

However, there’s been a lot of argument about whether or not this was a genuine mistake, or only a tactic to boost her own popularity.

What do you think? Comment.


Xavier Low
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