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Geil Super Luce RGB Lite Review


We’ve managed to get our hands on Geil’s Super Luce RGB Lite DDR4 RAM sticks. Priced under RM450 for a single 8GB in Malaysia, it’s definitely a head turner for those looking to invest in RGB memory without breaking the bank. Lets take a look at the specifications:
Frequency: 2400Mhz
CAS Latency: 16-16-16-36
Capacity: 4GB x 2
Voltage: 1.2V

These are the specifications for our review unit today but the website lists multiple specifications and different capacities (subject to availability of retailer)

These RAM sticks do not officially support the new AMD platforms (Ryzen and Threadripper), thus we do not suggest purchasing these units if you own those systems.

The lighting on the RAM look pretty good compared to some of the cheaper offerings on the market. The video demo does not do it justice to show the even distribution and diffusion of the RGB light bar. The RAM itself is black in colour and is stealthy enough to fit in any themed builds. Unfortunately the RGB lighting on the RAM cannot be controlled but these shortcomings are to be expected considering the price. With the sudden burst in popularity of RGB RAM and inflation in pricing, it’s nice to see a different offering from a manufacturer by Geil aimed at the mid-market segment. It’s hard not to recommend these memory for anyone planning on going for a mid ranged build with a taste for RGB.