Fresh Graduate Get Fired Due to Playing Dota 2 in Australia City Hall


Sometimes it’s really hard to reject invitation to party in Dota 2. In Australia, 2 fresh graduates were fired after being caught playing Dota 2 while on duty. In a Facebook post that has gone viral which show the 2 staff playing Dota 2 in office.





“This is a picture of city hall employees inside the city hall planning office and why they just lost their jobs.”

City hall employees get fired playin DOTA 2

The Newcastle City Hall supervisor said the two, who were in City Planning department, were caught on camera playing the addictive game Defense of the Ancients or DOTA 2 while on duty.

After the incident, the city hall mayor has instructed the City Hall’s Security Department to install firewalls to prevent employees from playing or downloading games while on duty.



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