Girl Asking, are all guys who plays Dota2 Hot Tempered?


We have received a complain letter from a girlfriend-I call her Wendy in this article. She is asking does all guys who plays Dota 2 are hot tempered?


It’s not the first time we heard of such complains about Dota2 boyfriends, mostly about their boyfriend’s behaviors when playing Dota2.


The most common are girlfriends had always been flamed by boyfriend and purposely ignored, hurting the feeling of girlfriend, ex: ignored, threw tantrums on girlfriend when they lose in a game.

Girlfriends are merely asking for more attention. 

Here the one example of Dota2 vs girlfriend?


the Ignorance the killer of relationship while boyfriend too obsessed in Dota2


 Watch the German kid below to check out if you behave the similar like him?


So, do you agree all Dota2 boyfriend are hot tempered? We need your opinion!



Xavier Low
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