Dota 2 Pro Player May Have Higher Earning Than United State Olympics Gold Medal Athletes


How much do Olympic Gold medal athletes earn? How much do Ti8 Dota 2 Player earn? After editor do several research on this topics, the answer surprises me. For information,  Ti8 have surpassed $25 millions of prizes pool, it’s 103% increased as previous year, and the prize pool may boost again in the next Ti. Why Dota2 has eSports Biggest Prize Pool? Find out!

Source : Global Times

Anyway, Olympic athletes may not as lucky as Dota 2 Pro player as those athletes doesn’t give prize money. Instead of prize, those athletes only receive medal bonus. As of United Stateds Olympics Committee (USOC),  a gold medal athletes will receive $25k , silver medal $15k, bronze medal $10k.

Olympics Medal Bonus
Source: UCOC

Which means Dota 2 player who ranked 7th or 8th can earn more than an Olympics Gold Medal athletes! With each player still get $60k after prize pool divided.

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A DOTA 2 Player May Have Higher Earning Than United State Olympic Gold Medal Athletes


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