Dota 1 memories and pictures that will make you cry


Pretty sure most Dota2 players in their 90s will remember these photos.

1. Blueserver

Ahh those days probably the only place where you can find quality Dota games online..

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2. Garena and RGC South-East Asia Room..

When blueserver got closed down, time to head over to Garena or RGC.. SPAMMMM!! SPAMMM!!

3. Fountain breaks?

Still remember using Crystal Maiden to lock and break enemy’s fountain?

4. Defense of the Ancients Epic LOADING Screens!

Still remember staring at the loading bar? Watching the loading bar…moving….

5. Element Tower Defense!

After playing Dota 1 whole day, need something fresh. Let’s go TD!

6. Fight of Characters!

Which is your favorite character? Is Naruto the best?

7. Can you name the items?

I could totally remember all the item names EXCEPT FOR MEssssseecheeverreaver…

8. Can you name all Dota 1 legends?

Those days….


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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