Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L Combo Review


It seems like Cooler Master has upped its game by releasing this keyboard and mouse combo. The design is simple and straightforward as you can probably tell from the design of the mouse which looks like any other ordinary mouse. Of course, they say looks can be deceiving. Once the mouse gets lighted up, the rgb colors make it looks extremely attractive! Check out the video below.

Unboxing Video:

Overall look:

Quick glimpse of the features:

Key Features: Keyboard
• Cooler Master Exclusive Mem-chanical Switches: Durable and feels like mechanical switches
• Brilliant RGB lighting: Zoned backlighting system with multiple lighting effects
• 26-Key Anti Ghosting: Ensure each key press is correctly detected regardless of how fast and furious it gets
• Compatible with Custom Keycaps: Customize each key with your own Cherry MX compatible keycaps
• Water Splash Resistant: All possibilties of damage from liquid spills can be avoided
• On-the-fly Control: Repeat rate and lighting mode and speeds can be changed by quickly key combo’s.

Key Features: Mouse
• Precise and Stable Optical Sensor: Infrared Avago 3050 Sensor
• Faster Response Omron Switches: Main L+R buttons 10M rated Omron switches
• Two-Zoned RGB Lighting: Two zones of RGB lighting to compliment the keyboard. (Scroll and Back)
• On-the-fly Commands: Dedicated DPI button to cycle DPI levels (500-1000-2000-3500) and shortcuts to change lighting color, speed and effects
• Smooth Teflon Mouse Feet: Suitable for smooth tracking on any surface you throw at it.

Keyboard Functionalities:

Shortcut keys

A: Backlight Control (Cycle/Color/Effect/Speed/Area/Direction)
B: Repeat Rate 1x/8x, Win Lock & Keyboard Lock
C: Multimedia Control (Play/Pause/Stop/Forward/Backward/Vol+/Vol-)

Backlight Control
•FN+F1 = Color Cycle
•FN+F2 = Add Red Light (5levels)
•FN+F3 = Add Green Light (5levels)
•FN+F4 = Add BlueLight (5levels)
•FN+F5 = Cycle Modes
•FN+F6 = Cycle Direction
•FN+F7 = Cycle Speed
Lock & Repeat Control
•FN+F9 = 1x Repeat Rate
•FN+F10 = 8x Repeat Rate
•FN+F11 = Full Keyboard Lock on/off
•FN+F12 = Windows Lock on/off

Multimedia Control
•FN+INS = Play/Pause
•FN+DEL = Stop
•FN+HOME = Skip Forward
•FN+END = Skip Backward
•FN+PG UP = Volume Up
•FN+PG DWN = Volume Down

Mouse Functionalities:

Basic Button Functions:
1)Left Click Button
2)Right Click Button
3)Backwards Button
4)Forwards Button
5)Scroll Button
6)DPI Button

TechMoba thoughts?

If we based on the price at Newegg $59.99 link , it’s a really affordable gaming keyboard and mouse combo. You get everything you would want from RGB led colors, cherry switch, basic keyboard functionalities (media controls, disable windows keys…) and anti-ghosting (which is very important for a gaming keyboard). Definitely a best buy for those who are looking for an entry level gaming gear.

Where to buy?

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Game Hypermart –