Chinese Gamer Girl transforms into your gamer idol


With  make-up skill and current technology, this China girl ‘transform’ herself’ to an unrecognizable beauty!

In a video, a woman, named Qi Hua Hua, was applying tape to her cheeks and a prosthetic nose to make her face features more prominent. This is latest ‘sculpture’ make-up trend popular in Asia country.

The video was first released on YouKu and it getting viral with more than 837,000 views in an hour.

Qi was first seen applying different kinds of creams to her face, then followed by eye enlarge contact lens, liquid foundation, eyebrow tattoo and powder, eyeshadow, eyelid tape, lipstick, and you can see the different now.

The ‘sculpture’ process begin when she take two pieces of tape to fix on her jaw and you can see her face become much more slim as before. Finally, the sculpture followed by putting on a fake nose.

Never forgot the final step, apply thick whitening cream around the face and body! And DONE~

As editor discover, Qi Hua Hua only her nick name and she is one of the famous gamer girl in China Weibo.

After the ‘transformation’ end, she was totally transform to a different people.

Do you know her?

Xavier Low
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