Girl Asking, are all guys who plays Dota2 Hot Tempered?

We have received a complain letter from a girlfriend-I call her Wendy in this article. She is asking does all guys who plays Dota 2 are hot tempered?   It's not the first time we heard of such complains about Dota2 boyfriends, mostly about their boyfriend's behaviors when playing Dota2.   The most...

Breaking! Real-Life GTA in Malaysia!

A Bus rams across highway with speed over 120km/h and smashed to vehicles around like GTA! In the video, it shown a motorist was chasing behind the speeding bus. The incident believe was happen at Jalan Ampang, as at the beginning of video the bus passed by the M City...

Chinese Gamer Girl transforms into your gamer idol

With  make-up skill and current technology, this China girl 'transform' herself' to an unrecognizable beauty! In a video, a woman, named Qi Hua Hua, was applying tape to her cheeks and a prosthetic nose to make her face features more prominent. This is latest 'sculpture' make-up trend popular in Asia country. The...

5 Brutal Death Caused By Dota2

Here’s a list of gamers who died or tragically which because they neglected their health and people surrounding them when they are too emotionally attached to video game. 1. Taiwanese Man Died After Three-Day Gaming Binge Hsieh, a 32-year-old man who died from cardiac arrest after playing for three days without stopping....

The Funeral Of A Gamer

One image showed a man lounging in chair in the middle of the funeral parlor and playing game. Looks closer, it's a dead man!   The man,Renard Matthews died after being shot to dead in the head. By then, his family choose a different way to say goodbye to Matthews by...
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