MSI OPTIX MPG27C-High Refresh Rate, FreeSync, Mystic RGB with Gamesense

The RGB is not just decoration anymore, but it can now function as Ultraman's Color Timer which show you the life status and more! Watch the video to learn more!  ...

Unbelievable 7 Minutes Train Cleaning, Only In Japan!

Have you ever notice Japan's Shinkansen bullet trains is incredibly clean till you can't see the dust on surface? But with more than 300 Shinkansen trains departing from Tokyo every day and more than 400,000 passenger per day, how do they clean all those trains? (Even midnight the train still running!) And...

Is Betrayal Among Dota 2 Pro Gamers a Normal Thing?

On the second day of The International 8, the audience were so excited to watch the battle between EG vs OG. It was not only about the battle of teams but the battle of brotherhood----between Fly and N0tail, the story of betrayal between brotherhoods. The Story N0tail and Fly met each other through playing Dota when...
Kid gamer suffer from seizure

Watch How 9 Hours of Gaming Make this Filipino Boy Suffer

A 6-year-old Filipino boy has suffered from persistent facial seizures due to non-stop gaming for 9 hours.   John Nathan Lising, who plays video games for 9-hours a day (skipping school?), out of sudden suffered from uncontrollable facial seizures which caused his eyes to blink non-stop and lips to shake continuously. Oh no....>_<  ...
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