Mouse Pad

Unboxing: MM800 RGB POLARIS Gaming Mouse Pad by CORSAIR

One of the editors choice of BEST mouse pad for Gamer! Stunning golden yellow edge design for both front and back of the box. Around the back showing features of the mouse pad. Unboxing, you’ll find the MM800, as well as the usual guide and warranty guide. The mouse pad look neat and tidy before the LED light

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Unboxing: DRACONEM RGB – Cloth Edition Gaming Mouse Pad by Tt eSPORTS

DRACONEM RGB – Cloth Edition Gaming Mouse Pad review The DRACONEM RGB Cloth Edition is built with a specially optimized surface with textured weave for superior tracking, movement, accuracy and responsiveness for those crucial in-game moments.     stunning color! 4 striking visual illumination effects (Static, Pulse, Wave & Spectrum Running) and 5 brightness levels to

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