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Why Dota2 has eSports Biggest Prize Pool? Find out!

We all continue to look forward to the biggest tournament and event in the Dota 2 world which is The International. How many of you have been to Seattle to watch the TI tournament? Check out the video below to know why Dota 2 continues to has the biggest prize...

66yrs old man plays dota better than you Iloilo, Philippines – His name is Lolo Cris Dots from Iloilo. A year ago this old man is suffering from different ailments and his memory is becoming weak. As time passes, it becomes worse and could possibly turn into Alzheimer's Disease. Doctors recommended Lolo Dots to play some strategy games...

Richest Malaysia Dota2 Players

Valve's Dota 2 can still make you a millionaire if you can perform consistently well in the professional scene.  Malaysia has one of the most active Dota 2 scenes in South-East Asia. Let's look at the top 10 Malaysian players who have earned the most throughout their entire Dota 2 career. Credits to 1....
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