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TI8 prize pool hits $24 million with 1 day remaining

Last years Ti7, we have seen players from Team Liquid turning millionaires overnight. They were bringing home $10million USD or 44% of the prize money home. This year, we are looking at roughly the prize money. Has The International prize money reached its peak? The International 8's prize pool is now...

OpenAI(BOT) vs Human 5v5 game

We have seen how Ai was able to beat Dendi in a 1v1 match. Now, OpenAI is finally ready to compete against real humans in a 5v5 game. In a showmatch last week, OpenAI totally destroyed 5 of the best professional Dota2 players in the scene. They were able to...

Top 5 Richest DOTA2 Players In The World

With eSports industry is now one of the most successful entertainment business in the world. It has now created a lot professional Video gamer players across the globe especially in DOTA2. With various tournaments worldwide, these players not even prove that playing video games can be a career but also...
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