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Affordable Dota 2 Academy in The Philippines and Malaysia

If you love gaming more than the normal education, you have no afraid of to pursue your dream now as esport is getting more popular and acceptable in society now. ESports are no longer only played in Cybercafe or campus dorms but in specialized purpose-built arenas. University of The Visayas New School...

Ti8 Dota2 predictions giveaway event

We are glad to be announcing a giveaway event for our fans! As anticipated, we are giving out some free arcanas and hardware to 3 lucky winners! FREEBIES: x 1 unit Western Digital WD Black SSD 500GB  x1 unit of Juggernaut Arcana x1 unit of Lina Arcana. That's all. 3 items!...

Gamer Ninja Is Sexist Against Girl Gamer?

“Ninja” is a Fortnite superstar with more than 10,000,000 fans in Twitch. In a new interview with Polygon, he had spoke out his opinion not to stream with female player. “I don’t play with female gamers,” said Blevins while speaking with Polygon Anyway, Ninja have explained why he choose not to stream with female...
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