Breaking News: “Call of Duty” ProGamer Break-up with The World’s Hottest Girl Yanet Garcia, You Won’t Even Believe The Reason

Call Of Duty player Douglas “FaZe Censor” Martin choose to end relationship with world hottest girl Yanet Garcia, the reason is incredible!

The next day after the announcement in YouTube by Martin, Yanet Garcia posted several updates in her Instagram to remind Martin what he’s missing and one of the post captioned with “Love Yourself” and “Believe in Yourself” have grabbed attention from her follower.

And what is the reason make the hottest girl get dumped? Martin, the 23-year-old gamer revealed that he and Garcia, 26, had broke up, saying, “I don’t have time for a girlfriend” and said he need more time to focus on “Call of Duty”. Martin have struggling since last year as he losing his game on the first stage of the “Call of Duty World League”.

Their relationship start on 2015. During that time, Faze Censor is famous American Youtuber and a Fitness Model who is well known as a Two-time Call of Duty National Champion while Gorgeous weather reporter Yanet’s net worth is about $3 million during that time.Faze Censor fell in love with Garcia after watching her YouTube video and both start the relationship by exchanging message in social media.

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