BREAKING: Chinese Bride Refused To Stops Playing Dota2 During Wedding Day And Dragged By Angry Groom


A bride-to-be reportedly refused to stop playing her favorite video game – Dota2, the  moments before her wedding.



According the news, the wife-to-be keep stick in front of the computer on which she was playing the Dota2 and she found herself ‘too hard to let-go’ during the intense mid-match battle with her team.

The groom with his family were inside the internet cafe begging her to leave and attend the ceremony, unfortunately the bride replied a ‘wait a minute’.

A middle-age woman who seems as the bride’s future mother-in-law can be heard screaming: “Come now, we have to go.”

The  groom was even more anxious and shouting: ‘We can’t be late to the ceremony!’

But soon the groom was slapped in the face by his own dad, who says: “What’s wrong with you? “You can’t even control your own wife?”

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The groom then yells: “Please, I beg you, come with me,” after which he and two of his friends physically drag her from her chair and pull her away from the computer.

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