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New Bugs! Ride Smoke Grenades Off Cliffs And No Die In PUBG.

Fortnite's rocket-ride not surprise you yet? Let's see the PUBG - riding on smoke grenades! Some PUBG players have discovered a trick lets them ride smoke grenades down cliffs by not get damage.   A Reddit user was the one who discovered the glitch by throwing the smoke grenade straight up...

Top 10 Creative Logic Only Gamer Will Knows

Gamer always creative and most of the time they create their own logic and drama in daily life. Let's check out gamer's logic! When I saw something shouldn't happen in my normal daily life, I know the cheat code went wrong...   2. I know what to do when i saw...

Top 3 Gaming Headset 2018 for Dota 2

Top 1 - SteelSeries Arctis 7 Hardcore PC gamers know well for this brand as SteelSeries famous with their high-end products especially in headset.   -> Design solid metal piece, very lightweight, smart design with black & white, durable protective layer on ear cup, adjustable headband for better fit, SteelSeries...

7 Symptoms Show You Are Toxic Gamer in Dota2

If you keep expressing toxic behaviors such as keep insult on others, racism, selfishness, then you are a one of the TOXIC Gamer in Dota2. In this article, editor going to talk about 7 Symptoms which show you are actually a TOXIC GAMER. Tell me which one is you? Symptom 1: Troll Creator...

Failed To Download PUBG Mobile? 5 Easy Ways To Try!

It's very frustrated when failed to download PUBG Mobile when you are so desperate to play. No worries! Editor have grouped out several tricks to overcome this problem! 1. Check your phone space. It's Is time to free up some space for game!   2. Try to download from apkpure.com - install...
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