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These 5 Incredible Useful Websites That Make Your Life Easier

There are billions of useful websites around the globe but to discover an useful one is not a easy job. You are lucky enough as editor has went through the hard work and explored it for you. Let's check out!         1. KissPNG As a Photoshop user, editor like...

5 Brutal Death Caused By Dota2

Here’s a list of gamers who died or tragically which because they neglected their health and people surrounding them when they are too emotionally attached to video game. 1. Taiwanese Man Died After Three-Day Gaming Binge Hsieh, a 32-year-old man who died from cardiac arrest after playing for three days without stopping....

The Funeral Of A Gamer

One image showed a man lounging in chair in the middle of the funeral parlor and playing game. Looks closer, it's a dead man!   The man,Renard Matthews died after being shot to dead in the head. By then, his family choose a different way to say goodbye to Matthews by...

Top 5 Richest DOTA2 Players In The World

With eSports industry is now one of the most successful entertainment business in the world. It has now created a lot professional Video gamer players across the globe especially in DOTA2. With various tournaments worldwide, these players not even prove that playing video games can be a career but also...
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