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Who Will Be The TI8 Short Film Contest Winner?

It's TI short film contest again and from TI5 to TI7 it's dominated by one person only---Maxime Lebled. And thus, editor is curious how he will perform in TI8 this time, let's check it out!  Valve will award $25,000 to 1st place; $10,000 to 2nd place; $5,000 to 3rd place; and...

Breaking! Real-Life GTA in Malaysia!

A Bus rams across highway with speed over 120km/h and smashed to vehicles around like GTA! In the video, it shown a motorist was chasing behind the speeding bus. The incident believe was happen at Jalan Ampang, as at the beginning of video the bus passed by the M City...

Gamer Ninja Is Sexist Against Girl Gamer?

“Ninja” is a Fortnite superstar with more than 10,000,000 fans in Twitch. In a new interview with Polygon, he had spoke out his opinion not to stream with female player. “I don’t play with female gamers,” said Blevins while speaking with Polygon Anyway, Ninja have explained why he choose not to stream with female...

Chinese Gamer Girl transforms into your gamer idol

With  make-up skill and current technology, this China girl 'transform' herself' to an unrecognizable beauty! In a video, a woman, named Qi Hua Hua, was applying tape to her cheeks and a prosthetic nose to make her face features more prominent. This is latest 'sculpture' make-up trend popular in Asia country. The...
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