Xavier Low

Xavier Low

Gaming peripheral review, love outdoor, cat lover.

MSI OPTIX MPG27C-High Refresh Rate, FreeSync, Mystic RGB with Gamesense

The RGB is not just decoration anymore, but it can now function as Ultraman's Color Timer which show you the life status and more! Watch the video to learn more!  ...

Aussie Gamer Rejects Catsuit Girlfriend Invitation

It's really a WTF when men opt for games instead of have fun with lovely girlfriend! Here, an Aussie gamer have just rejected his GORGEOUS 'cosplay' girlfriend while he playing DOTA 2! With angry, the lady post their conversation on social media and this have created criticism towards the man!...

Unfair Treatment to Female Dota 2 Gamer?

The International 8 tournament,  with the largest prize pool tournament in esports history, up to 20 millions. But among the 90 competing players, we have not seen any female gamers among them. The gender inequality in Dota 2 and especially in the gaming industry has become more and more critical. The reason behind this...
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