Thai gamer gets girlfriend to help him at net cafe

There's a video circulating around on the internet lately. It was regarding a couple in Thailand. Apparently the guy was playing games and her girlfriend was watching beside him. Out of sudden, he started moving her hands into his pants. They were also caught kissing and hugging on the internet...

OpenAI(BOT) vs Human 5v5 game

We have seen how Ai was able to beat Dendi in a 1v1 match. Now, OpenAI is finally ready to compete against real humans in a 5v5 game. In a showmatch last week, OpenAI totally destroyed 5 of the best professional Dota2 players in the scene. They were able to...

66yrs old man plays dota better than you Iloilo, Philippines – His name is Lolo Cris Dots from Iloilo. A year ago this old man is suffering from different ailments and his memory is becoming weak. As time passes, it becomes worse and could possibly turn into Alzheimer's Disease. Doctors recommended Lolo Dots to play some strategy games...
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