Australia Viral: Girl Refuses to Get In Car After Knowing The Guy Drives A 1998 Old Car


The society is so much different from the past when your parents went out for a date on an old motorcycle. Global mass media and transnational firms have continued to create ongoing desires for material goods, fueling today’s consumer society by telling them—-Branded is good and better.


This phenomenon has influenced towards our youngster society, like recently in Australia, a girl refuses to get in the car after knowing the guy she get to know on Tinder drives a 1998 old car.


Robert, a Malaysia guy who’s working in Australia was so excited and happy after he finally able to successfully dated a girl out by promising to fetch the girl from office.

The guy (Robert) who expressed his sadness and disappointment on a Facebook page, clearly he was hurt and heartbroken by the girl’s rejection to get into his car after knowing he drives a 1998 old car.

According the post, he waited outside of her workplace for half an hour and horned several times to indicate he was here. The girl pretended that she didn’t know who he was and texted to tell him don’t give her a ride with an old car.

Xavier Low
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