Aussie Gamer Rejects Catsuit Girlfriend Invitation


It’s really a WTF when men opt for games instead of have fun with lovely girlfriend!

Here, an Aussie gamer have just rejected his GORGEOUS ‘cosplay’ girlfriend while he playing DOTA 2! With angry, the lady post their conversation on social media and this have created criticism towards the man!

The guy showing his curvy Xbox controller is more attractive than clinging leather catsuit and her bxxbs!

She trying to catch his attention again and offer last chance!

The guy rejected brutally and show-up his priority, DOTA 2!

After all, he was turning down to have fun with his girlfriend for a ridiculous reason.

The woman, after all sent the photos to Dude Comedy explaining this was the last straw after her boyfriend turn her down with such reason.

Is here anyone stupid reject invitation from a gorgeous cat-lady?



Xavier Low
Gaming peripheral review, love outdoor, cat lover.