The Amazing Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset!


My first gaming headset was Steelseries Flux Luxury Edition. Back then in 2013, this headset was one of the “In” gadgets and it costed me £79.99. I was very happy with my purchase as I felt like it’s worth every penny I paid. However, just short of three months from using the headset, one side of the earpiece was no longer producing sounds and I rarely used this headset (say maybe 10-15 mins a day and 3-4 times a week) as the earpieces got so hot after a mere of 10 minutes of listening to music 🙁 When I paid for this headset at its rather high price tag, I expected Steelseries to perform better and to give me a quality headset which could at least last me a year. Unfortunately, a total waste of my money.


Fast forward to 2017, I decided to try another gaming headset in the market after my Sony headphones died on me after 6 months of use. This time around, I decided to invest in Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset. What made me buy this headset was the cool design; it’s black and red, seriously a beautiful combination! Just look at it! <3



On top of its good looks, the sound system of this headset is magnificent! The sound is super crisp and sharp and the bass is definitely punching!! I am someone who enjoys loud music and I have tested all my favourite songs using this headset and oh boy, what heavenly sounds I hear! <3 This headset sound quality is so good, I sometimes sleep with my headset on blasting my fave songs and it feels extremely comfortable and pleasant! No heat, no discomfort even after hours of long playing. Why? I have to thank the creators for the wonderful thick memory foam and premium leatherette ear cups which not even cancel noise from outside but also, gives one such comfort and ease to use it for a long period of time without feeling any heat or dizziness.



Truly superb sound quality in my ears whenever I use this headset. Never fail to amaze me every single time. It also has a mic which you can just swivel to mute noise cancellations which is really convenient in team gaming and this headset is also extremely light at only 275 grams so really, no neck cramp or stiff back from using it for long hours. This headset is really a blessing for the gaming world and dare I say, music world as well! I have tested Koss, Bose, Sennheiser and Sony headphones before and this HyperX is definitely on par with those amazing headsets and the BEST thing of all, HyperX costs a fraction of RM220.00 only! A shocker, isn’t it? Such a reasonable price for FIRST class quality sound in my ears!! I am so grateful that I had decided to give this headset a try. Never ever turning back 😉

           HyperX, one of the greatest gaming headsets in 2017!

Techmoba says: What are you waiting for? Trust me, buy one today and you shall enjoy for yourself what I enjoy!

Lots of love,

A Damn Happy Customer 😀