Alert! Indonesian Video Game Players Will Be In Big Trouble If Not Raise The Flag Correctly

Indonesia flag upside down

It seems like the orientation of the Indonesian flag has become a sensitive topic these days.

Not long after a Malaysian soccer player received death threats due to his use of an upside-down Indonesian flag.

Indonesia flag issue in soccer gameMalaysian received death threaten

While n Indonesian, a gamer, Rahmat working part time at the Palopo City Education Board office committed the same flag fault recently, and it involved an actual physical flag.

On Friday morning, Rahmat was given the task of raising the flag. Everything were as usual until an officer arrived and noticed the upside down flag after few hours. Too late, the photo already been share out and becoming viral among netizen.

Indonesia flag upside down

Rahmat was given a pretty physically rigorous punishment — though thankfully no death threats were reported in this case.

“We gave him the sanction of having to salute the flag for half an hour, and we reminded him to be careful when raising the flag because it’s a national symbol. Next time, we won’t give him the task of raising the flag,”
Xavier Low
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