China Gamer Marries with a Non-Human after 6 years failure to find his dream girl


A China gamer, Jiajia had frustrated to find a wife after 6-years of failure in pursue his dream girl and decided to get married with Yingying, a robot girl.

Jiajia is also a artificial intelligence expert who built his ‘wife’ named Ying Ying at the end of last year.

He try to make Yingying be the dream girl he wishing, and thus he plans to make her walk and help him with household chores, just like how a traditional wife runs a home.

Jiajia had also tired of the constant nagging from his family and pressure to get married, as he’s already 30-years-old. At last he turned to marry a robot instead of a real human wife.

To get married before age of 30 is one of the culture in China and the worst is the ‘one-child policy’ which caused large gender gap in China.

“You won’t have her mother looking down on you, you don’t have the pressure to buy a home and you get to save money and energy,” one user wrote on WeChat, a popular social network.


Xavier Low
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