Affordable Dota 2 Academy in The Philippines and Malaysia


If you love gaming more than the normal education, you have no afraid of to pursue your dream now as esport is getting more popular and acceptable in society now. ESports are no longer only played in Cybercafe or campus dorms but in specialized purpose-built arenas.

University of The Visayas New School (UVNS) -The Philippines

University of The Visayas New School (UVNS) is currently offering esports and game development through their Senior High Arts and Design track. UVNS located in Cebu.

Source: UVNS Facebook

UVNS offering subjects like game theory, mechanics, strategy, and game awareness as well as game design, branding, shout-casting.


The Academy of Esports (AOES)-Malaysia

AOES provide a pathway to becoming a Professional Esports Athlete, Streamer, Coach, or Manager. They offer esport course with fee as low as MYR 8,500 (8 month duration).

One of their powerful team member –Kieran ZergRush Lam from Team Genesis!


The facilities of AOES


AOES facilities
Source: AOES

Asia Pacific University (APU)-Malaysia

The programme – which covers four different games: Dota 2, League of Legends, FIFA 17, and Counter-Strike. The requirement to enrolled into this university is you need to be passionate in games. They even provide course which cover Dota 2 from beginner to advanced level and the fee to get started as low as MYR 3000!

So, which university you decided to join?


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