7 Things You May Not Know for Gamdias Hephaestus P1


Looking for something great to upgrade your play station? Don’t miss this peripheral!

1. Modern metallic Design, its classy feel!

Gamdias headphone’s design never let you down. Hephaestus P1 design more on modernized and stylish with metallic feel. Features with the over-sized ear cup, Hephaestus P1 well design enough for both Asian and Western gamer.

2. Multi-Color Visual Illumination, which color you like the most?

Gamdias RGB lighting effect another main features it make me put it into my purchase basket! How could I resist with this stunning yet stylish headset? It make me feel pro in the game.

3.  7.1 Virtual Surround sound, a must in current trends and Gamdias do the extra!

Together with 50mm HD driver, Hephaestus P1 have successfully deliver great precise and loud audio and also the most immersive 3D sound experience.

4. Smart Remote Controller, how smart? Keep it vibrate.

Hephaestus P1 do included several smart key which allow you to have fully control over the earphone, with as simple as 1,2,3, feel free to control the volume from max to min, microphone mute,and the vibration effect which enable you get extra alert when enemy detected.

5. Omnidirectional microphone, less wind noise from surrounding.

With this features, you will be zero worry that the fan windy noise will disrupt your conversation with teammates. It designed to enable less wind noise, less popping from Plosive Sounds such as “P”, “B”, “T”.

6. Oversize Ear cup Design

Yes, it’s purposely design oversize. At first I thought it will not suite my ear and may be will cause any discomfort feeling, but you know what? I LOVE it afterward. The extra large size of ear cup built with good breathable material and it’s so soft and I still feeling good even after few hours of gaming.

7. Cooling Vents, do a favor to you ear not feeling in oven!

With this creative design of built-in aluminium head sink to the ear cup, it help drop my ear temperature faster after long hours of gaming time. Thanks to both cooling vents and the comfort ear cup material, I have no worry I’ll sweat in mid of games!

GAMDIAS Hebe M1 RGB Surround Sound Gaming Headset, Nice Headset with a Budget!

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Review overview

Appearance (metallic headband create modern feel)7.9
Features ( Oversize ear cup, cool vent, smart remote control with vibration mode) 8.9
Sound Performance (Loud and crystal clear 3D immerse, microphone perform well with my low-pitched voice)8.5
Earphone Color Performance (Multi color)7.8


Overall, the quality and it features work perfectly. No regret to have this earphone. Recommended!

Xavier Low
Gaming peripheral review, love outdoor, cat lover.