7 Cruel Reasons Why Teenagers in The Philippines Addicted to Video Games


Reality 1=>You can’t choose your appearance

In games you can spend hours customizing your appearance to resemble the person you think, or you hope, but in life you have no choice as your outer look decided by DNA.


Reality 2 =>Your abilities are far less crucial than how you looks

Again, it’s face problem. The real world pays far more attention to looks than games do. While in games, you can show your abilities among gamer and even play like a hero to save the beauty you like no matter how you appearance look like. Unfortunately in reality, a princess won’t be happy if she rescued by a overweight, Pudge like prince.


Reality 3 => You only live once

In DOTA2 you may live again with BUYBACK, in PUBG you may jump cliff to cliff or ride smoke grenades without life damage.


Reality 4 => You can only go forwards if you choose the wrong path

In video games there’s the illusion of freedom, massive free-to-explore game areas that allow you to explore the entire map or you can just turning back if you regret. Back to the real world, it’s hardly to turning back but continuing go forward.


Reality 5 => You can’t save

There are no real-life save station. Resetting may have been a good choice for teenagers for who afraid of failure or disappointment in life. Having a save point would let us safeguard ourselves before taking risk.


Reality 6 => Even if you put 1000 of hours efforts, it doesn’t mean you will success 

While practice makes perfect probably exist in video games and you may just keep defeat the enemy or Creeps in DOTA2 to get level up.


Reality 7 => Game over means really over

In video games, game over means you may start all over again. In real life, game over mean…say bye bye to world, it’s END.


Xavier Low
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