5 simple steps to stay healthy during long hour gaming binge

Stay healthy while gaming!

By refer to several death cases after long hours gaming, editor have summarize several easy and effective steps to keep you stay healthy while playing game.


1.Rest your eye

Beyond sleeping, it’s important to rest your eyes occasionally (blink your eye constantly). Close your eyes for a couple minutes every hour to let your eye muscles relax.

Blink your eye cpnstantly to avoid dry eye

2.Your screen might too bright, make it dimmer

Too bright or too high-contrast can harm your eye and easier to get tired.


3. Move your body

Every hour, move your wrists in a few circles, flex your fingers, and stretch your wrists. The Washington Post found in a report that folks who spent more than seven hours a day staring at a TV screen had a 61% higher risk of death.

4. Remember to sleep

Lack or late for sleep may lower your immune system. Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep.

5. Hydration (drink water, not coffee!)

A couple glasses every 30 minutes will make a difference. Avoid dehydration!

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