5 Brutal Death Caused By Dota2


Here’s a list of gamers who died or tragically which because they neglected their health and people surrounding them when they are too emotionally attached to video game.

1. Taiwanese Man Died After Three-Day Gaming Binge

Hsieh, a 32-year-old man who died from cardiac arrest after playing for three days without stopping.

An employee found him motionless on a table at 10 a.m. and he was rushed to hospital, where he was pronounced dead from cardiac failure.


“He has been unemployed for a long time, and internet cafes were the only place he could go to,” 


2. 22 Hours Non-stop Gaming caused Russian Gamer Death

A 17 years old Russian teenager from Bashkorotostan died after playing Dota 2 consecutively for 22 hours without taking any rest. Because of no rest, his major organs failed and he lost consciousness. He was rushed to hospital but he did not survive.

“In total since 2014 he spent playing for more than two thousand hours. Playing the game at night-30 August 2015, he lost consciousness and during hospitalization died”. 


3. Teenager Stabbed his Friend for Kill Stealing

A 15 year old Filipino boy was stabbed to death by his friend after his several attempts to steal kill.

We were playing DOTA 2. I told him that was not his last hit with SF (Shadow Friend most probably), but he still killed. Then I slapped him. Then suddenly he punched me in the neck so I took my pen from my bag and I struck his neck.”


4. Kid Commits Suicide After Getting Penalized in Dota2

A 15 year old boy from the Philippines  named Jayson Chua commits suicide after get low priority in Dota2. Neighboring witnesses said that they heard the boy screamed “F*cking Low Priority, F*cking Dota2, F*cking internet connection” Before they heard the noise at the front of their window. The kid jumped on a 5 storey building where he lives.


5. Grandmother get killed by Pinoy Dota 2 gamer

A 17-year-old Filipino beat his own grandmother to death in Quezon City, Philippines after she interrupted his Dota game and scolded him. Apparently the teenager came from a broken home and was raised solely by his grandmother. He was later turned over to social workers in the Philippines.

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