1st PLAYER MK6 Bullet Hunter All-in-One Mechanical Keyboard


All in one mechanical keyboard—–1st PLAYER Mechanical Keyboard MK6 Bullet hunter have successfully grabbed my attention with it’s mirror base design and the multi back-light effects. What surprises me is the price, it cost only less than USD 50. My first impression of the keyboard is that it probably cost more than 100USD same level as other top range brands.

1st PLAYER can be described as a “newcomer” to the gaming industry market. This is a brand from China and their product starts making waves in the market since the year 2010. Without delay, let’s talk about the main focus on this keyboard.

The black packaging give it a “cool” feeling towards the brand (as most of it is dark color too, like Black Sir).Look at the keyboard’s shape, it follows the latest trendy shape, with ergonomic design! The edges are made up of fine crafting silver-like material (CNC polishing Edge), THUMBS UP!

The key caps build material with rough matte sandy feel is a bit boring to me. But wait! when you look closer, the side of each key caps is built with smooth mirror like material, what a surprise!

Inside the box comes with spare key caps, switch puller,supporting driver, and user manual. You may refer to 1st PLAYER web page for CIY DEMO.

Here’s the feature that I like the most! The metal roller which is used to control the volume and brightness. The media key lies beneath the metal roller, the brightness/volume switch key and Last/Stop/Next switch.

MK6 come with 12 types of back-lighting mode (control the lighting by pressing FN key + DELETE/INSERT/END/HOME/PGDN/PRUP. You may also adjust the brightness, back-lit speed, back-lit direction.

Every key stroke on MK6 gives me steady and firm feeling and so far I have not noticed any bad reviews for 1st PLAYER keyboard. The media switch is so COOL especially the metal roller, what an out of the box feature! With its’ 12 backlit mode and extra 6 types backlit brightness and speed, it allows me to change it according to my mood of the day.



Review overview

Design (Silver-like edge, mirror like material side switch)8
Backlit Effect (12 backlit light mode with 6 adjustable brightness & speed) 8.5
Price Worth8
Key switch performance (feel durable, firm)7.9


Xavier Low
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